Dear colleagues,

“It is with special honor that the “Pediatric Association of Macedonia” is herewith inviting you to the First Balkan School and Second School for Pediatricians in Macedonia with international participation, which will take place on 12 – 15.09.2018 at the Alexander Palace hotel in Skopje.

The objective of this school is to encourage exchange of knowledge and experience between the professionals from Macedonia and Europe in the field of pediatrics, to improve the everyday practices, manner of treatment, and protocols.

The topics to be covered in this school include: preventive pediatrics with immunization, cardiology, pulmonology with allergology, neurology, gastroenterohepatology, hemato oncology, as well as intensive care and reanimation.

The school will provide a unique opportunity for the physicians and supporting medical personnel to gain first-hand knowledge of their mutual practices, obstacles, as well as stimuli in their everyday work, which will allow for the problems to be overcome and for a synchronized process of work to be created.

Both Macedonian and European eminent lecturers will give their expert lectures, presenting the novelties in the prevention, diagnostics, treatment, and recovery, i.e. the entire process of treatment and recovery of the patients, including also the above listed topics.

The program of this school, along with all other relevant information, will be available on this web site.

Looking forward to seeing you,

Doc. dr. Aspazija Sofijanova,
President of the Association of
Pediatricians of Macedonia

Стани наш член